Monday, July 16, 2012

Shoes and things

This post is a little random. It's really about nothing, except trying to get some pictures up. 

Kyla (and Sophie) love to wear our shoes. And I thought that this combo of dress and Daddy's yard work shoes was priceless. She tromped around in them all morning before church. 
Speaking of shoes. Sophie put my shoes on, turns to me and says. "I'm Mommy! Does that mean I have a huge face now?" I laughed (kind of), "Do I have a huge face?" I asked. To which she responded, "Yes!" 
Nothing like a three year old to break the bad news to you. 

I realized that I didn't yet have a picture of just my three kids. I will get on that, but for now this one will have to do.

And then there is this little man. I just want to snuggle him and kiss those chunky cheeks. I love him.

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