Thursday, July 19, 2012

The story of the broken leg

Kyla is afraid of heights, she's like me. She doesn't do anything that puts her out of her comfort zone, not even playing in the sprinklers. She's a very cautious and an un-adventurous child , so it only makes sense that she would be the one to break a leg.
I was feeding Jack when it happened, and I knew right away that she'd broken something. I could tell by the way she cried. The funny thing is that she's actually a lot tougher than Sophie is. For example, Sophie screams and sobs every time I comb her hair, snarls or not. Kyla says "ouch" when I comb out a really bad one. So her cry wasn't screaming per say, more like a very sad and constant cry. Totally unlike her.

So how did this happen? Well Kyla has a rambunctious, daring and loving older sister, and they love to play together (sometimes). Sophie loves to come up with new games for them to play and they giggle all the while. Well they were playing on the stairs. Sophie wanted Kyla to help pull her up, and instead of pulling her up she was pulled down.

We hurried up to her pediatrician and they sent us to get x-rays. Sure enough, broken. Both bones right above her ankle. She was wrapped up in this little thing (Picture below). And I made an appointment with an Orthopedic surgeon to get it in a cast a few days later, after the swelling had gone down a little. 

 We had both Grandma's come to help at different times. I was nervous to leave her alone with her sister, cause I just had a feeling that she'd jump on her and hurt her leg that much more.

 This is her claimed spot on the couch. She lives here when we aren't outside, or at the table or playing in her room. So we are here a lot. She plays with puzzles, reads books and watches tv here. And that is about the extent of our excitement these days. I can't really get out with her much, seeing as how I have to carry her and a two month old baby around. It's just easier to stay inside.

And we love it when Daddy gets home from work to play with us. It's the highlight of the day.

 So thanks to all my neighbors who have brought toys for her to borrow, have taken her and her sister out to play. Thanks to the nursery leaders at church that are kind enough to let us leave her with them for a few hours. And of course a big thanks to my mom and my mother-in-law for their love and help and hanging out with us while we are crazy!


Whitney Harris said...

Bless you all!! It's rough enough when we have all our working limbs. :) I guess it's not everyday you get to have a PINK leg though! Awesome! Glad you had some help.

Lizzie said...

You always ask me how I do it...WOMAN, how in the world do YOU do it! You are amazing. Love and prayers your way, I wish I lived closer, I'd totally drive up and kidnap your kids so YOU could get a well deserved break. Hang in there!!

Jessi said...

Poor thing! I hope she gets feeling better soon!

Tina said...

Just when you think life is slowing down....right? I'm sure that PINK cast makes everything better! Hang in there! Hope it heals quickly!

Jme said...

Poor girl. It's so sad when they want to get down and play and just can't. What a trooper. And have a hug for yourself, keeping up with a baby and 2 beautiful girls. What fun!