Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Hello Fall! I still have some summer photos to blog, but I never seem to get around to them. Cause I like the new photos I have, so I blog those instead. :)
We went out the other day and played in the leaves. Sophie had a ball. She especially loved sitting in the back of the pickup truck while the leaves were piled in.
It's so hard to get a decent photo of these two together...*sigh*

Don't you just want to eat her chubby cheeks? I sure do!


Whitney Harris said...

Those turned out great! I love the first one with Trent or grandpa. I need to take the kids out myself and play in the leaves. I think I keep putting it off cause then I will have to rake them while I'm at it.

Radical Rach said...

What cute cute kids you have!! Nothing beats playing in the leaves...at any age!haha

Liz said...

Oh my goodness! These are to die for. So precious. I love the one of Sophie in color even more (the one you posted on your photoblog). So precious!

Carolanne said...

Oh, they are TOO cute! I love the picture with the two of them together. I still don't have a good duo picture of my two boys. Every time I try, the big one won't leave the little one alone long enough to get them both looking at the camera. Frustrating!

Brittany said...

Oh what I would give to have some pictures like that! They are darling. Hmmm, maybe next time you're in town we could schedule a photo shoot?