Sunday, November 7, 2010

A long summer photo blog post

To end summer officially on my blog I'm just going to do a recap of photos...cause I'm too far behind to blog each thing. This is me, Rebecca, Sophie and Dallin. We were up in Island park for Labor day. We went to West Yellowstone and hung out with family all day.

We took Sophie to the Carousel in Rexburg a few times. She loved it! Kyla hung out with her daddy and smiled. It seems like that's all she does. :)

Sophie playing at the splash park, although she didn't even get wet. She was afraid of it...maybe next year.
Daddy took Sophie canoeing on Grandpa and Grandma Siddoway's pond. They fed the fish, and paddled around. That was the first and last time she'd get in the canoe this summer.
Kyla hanging out in her chair.
Sophie loves to dress up and talk on the phone. She is turning into such a little girly girl.
Sophie loves to help me cook.
Sophie loves her baby sister!

We went to Bear Lake with our friends, the Nielsen's. They have a little girl, Kenna, just Sophie's age. They loved playing in the water and splashing around.

It was a fun summer. Since I've been in denial that summer is over, and it's almost winter, I guess it's time to say goodbye to the warm summer days.


Melanie said...

fun summer pictures! we miss you guys!

Carolanne said...

Wow, you sure didn't let having a baby stop you! It looks like you played hard all summer long! Great pictures!

Brittany said...

You are super mom Alisha! Sophie is really starting to look like you. I'm happy to see more pictures! :)

Whitney Harris said...

Looks like a fun. I love the pics of Kyla and Dustin. I am always a sucker for girls and their daddy's.