Sunday, October 31, 2010


I've officially been to a "trunk or treat." I'm not a fan. It was too rushed and all about the candy and not about dressing up and going to see people. hmm... I feel like they are good for people that live in scary area's and don't trust the people they live by. But in Rexburg, Idaho....I mean, come on. REALLY?! Next year we are doing real trick or treating.
Ok, it really wasn't THAT bad. We did have fun. Sophie loved getting the candy and putting it in her pumpkin. Once it got too heavy for her I asked her if I could help her carry it. A very curt "no" was the reply. She even found a new way to carry it herself (slinging it on her arm). Now we are just dealing with the after shock of finding out that her candy, in her pumpkin, isn't really hers.
Kyla just hung out the whole day. They are both such cute ladybugs...
People kept thinking that Kyla was a boy. They'd give Sophie a piece of candy and then hand her another and say, "Here's one for your brother." It was kind of funny, I mean who dresses their little boy up as a ladybug?!
Sophie loved dressing up. She kept calling herself a princess bug. She was so funny. She danced and "flew" around with her wings. We even worked on saying, "trick or treat" but all that she got was "treat," which I guess is the most important part anyway, right?


Marci and Gary said...

Cute little lady bugs! I love it!

Amateur Steph said...

K remember the ladybug in Bug's Life? Totally a boy. :) They look adorable. Happy birthday today!

Carri Collins Weaver said...

Happy Birthday!! Your girls are so cute. I plan to come visit you someday and see them in person. Love you!

Tina said...

They are both so cute! Don't be too concerned if people thought Kyla was a boy. At that stage, its hard to know. I've had people call both Gage and Sam by the opposite gender, even when they were obviously wearing gender-identifying clothes, and sam was wearing a bow!
I love that Sophie can wear her cute dress and cardigan as such. Great idea!
Oh, btw, hope you had a nice birthday!

Whitney Harris said...

What a fun idea! I guess there are boy ladybugs but really? People these days. If the kid isn't in pink or purple or has a dress on they assume it's a boy. Glad to hear you had an okay time :). At least you weren't rained out like us.