Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big Girl

When did my little baby grow up?
It's crazy how fast time flies.
Lately I have been doing better at my goal of taking more photos and video of my kids and family. I'm glad that my sister-in-law inspired me on those things after everything with Preslee happened. Ashley talked to me a lot about journal writing too. How important it is, even if we don't understand why right now. I used to write everyday, once upon a time, but I don't usually make time for it anymore. But I do want to remember the things that I didn't catch on video. I also want to make sure that I'm writing my spiritual progress down, and the things that I am learning about myself and my family. So I'm doing better at it.
You know, it was really hard for me to blog again after Preslee passed away. I didn't know what to say, I felt guilty that I had kids and that life continued, I still feel guilty sometimes. Maybe guilty isn't quite the right word. My heart still aches for Pat and Ashley and their loss, and I feel like maybe I shouldn't post what good times we are having or something. Life does go on, even for little Pres, but I still find myself wiping away tears when I think of it all. I'm sure many people do. I'm so thankful for the knowledge that we have, for what I believe. I just wanted to say that she is still part of our lives, even though she's not here on the earth. AND I want to thank all my family and friends that reached out to the Sullengers, or prayed for them, or even just followed their blog. I hope that what they have gone through has inspired you in some way. I hope that it has made you a better person. It's has me.


Marci and Gary said...

Great posts! Good job Alisha! You're girls are so sweet. And thanks for posting the link about Presley, I have been following it since your first post and love to hear how they are doing. It's so inspiring.

Marcie said...

Darling picture, I love her earings. Beautiful post, life really is so precious. I still read there blog and they still continue to inspire me and so do you. Love you!

Whitney Harris said...

You wrote everything I feel inside. It amazes me how often little Preslee pops in my mind and reminds me how "selfish" I am being. I have improved on all those memory keepsakes more for that what if. A different sort of "life insurance" I guess. I hope you and the rest of the family is doing better. Don't feel guily, Life has a lot of happiness, we can't let that slip by us either.

Curtis and Jennie said...

Great post..Pat, Ashley, and little Preslee have inspired me to be better as well and enjoy the time we have with our loved ones. It is crazy how time really does fly by!
Give Sophie a big kiss - she really is so beautiful!

Watts Family said...

I can imagine being so closely related and how having such a good time enjoying your kids can be hard when you think about Preslee. (That was a long sentence...) I read their blog the other day. Still breaks my heart.
Sofie is so cute!! I love the earings!