Friday, March 8, 2013

Dinosaur Museum

The weather is finally turning! My Monday blog post must have helped. hehe! We decided that it was time to venture out, and since we had half off tickets to the Dinosaur Park we made an afternoon of it. I know I have girls, I know dinosaurs aren’t really their thing. But when you have a half off coupon, and two toddlers that are dying to get out and dosomething (anything for that matter), you go.
I would say the day was a success.
IMG_3993 copy
I laugh every time I see this picture. My oldest is totally faking it, but her sister’s look of terror is real. It isn’t the dinosaur that she is panicking about (well, it is a little), but the fear of her sister grabbing onto her while she is standing on a bench. My poor little girl, she got my fear of heights. I can read the look of “get me out of here asap!” on her face, it’s one that I have felt many times in my life. I even remember being nervous standing on anything a foot or two off the ground, and especially if someone touched me. Pathetic, I know. And here I am, all grownup, and still afraid of heights (don’t tell anyone).
  My parents came with us, and my mom carried Kyla around pretty much the entire time, and oh boy was she milking the sympathy from Grandma.
IMG_3971 copyIMG_4008 copyIMG_4054 copy
Imagine what this place would be to a little boy. I can see Jack going nuts about this place in a few years. Running around, roaring and teasing his sisters. But for now, he chills with his binky and is a happy little soul.
IMG_4044 copy
IMG_3979 copyIMG_4049 copyIMG_4067 copy
Getting out was so wonderful! I can’t wait for spring to officially arrive!

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