Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bear World

I ran into a problem where I couldn’t post anymore on my blogger account. And my sis-in-law Ashley told me to use this cool program “Windows Live.” So I’m giving it a go. Seems pretty user friendly, so far, and the best part is that somehow this program will post to my blog and not use up space. So I can post big photos and it won’t take up space. My camera is 24 mpx, and I don’t really want to take the time to shrink photos before posting them (not that I post often), but when I do I want it to be quick and easy. So here goes Windows live!

IMG_1320 copy

Bear World is up in Idaho between Rexburg and Idaho Falls. They have all sorts of animals, but the bears were definitely the highlight. I scored this sweet shot (above) on the curator tour. That’s where you ride in a special truck and you get to feed the bears. This one was waiting for some food, and I was more than pleased.

They had a petting zoo, and my kids were scared of everything, especially the oversized pig. Sophie jumped in the stroller as fast as her legs could get her there and Kyla is actually hiding back there somewhere cowering in fear. IMG_1221 copy

IMG_1195 copyIMG_1152 copyIMG_1172 copy   


IMG_1232 copyIMG_1295 copyI love this picture: the three bears and the three kids staring at each other. Makes you wonder who is in the cage..

IMG_1314 copyIMG_1335 copyIMG_1347 copy

It was a fantastic day. We had great fun. Thanks Grandma Jodi!

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charbetrichey said...

Thanks for posting new blogs. I was becoming so familar with Carder's face I was feeling the need to put him on my Christmas list.
If I had been with you, Sophie wouldn't have been in the stroller because there wouldn't have been room for her. I would have been there first. Pigs can be really mean.
Love, love, love your pictures.