Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby Jack-Jack

Did you ever try collect calling someone? I remember when I needed to be picked up from extra-curricular activities I'd call my mom collect, leave my name and then hang up, and she knew I was ready for her to come get me. 

Remember the commercial where the guy collect calls from the hospital and leaves his name as "It's-bob-we-had-a-baby-its-a-boy?"

I know I am a total dork, but I always thought that was so funny. So.... We-had-a-baby-its-a-boy!
Hopefully Dustin never sees this post, cause I know he'll make fun of me for that... 

Anyway, Welcome little Jack!
Labor was long. Longer than expected. He was stuck, and facing upwards. And eventually they used forceps to get him positioned right. ouch. 
But look at his little face! You can't even tell that they used them on him!


This picture has our over-eager nurse somewhat in it. She was frustrating to both of us, not only did she scare us in multiple instances, Dustin pretty much had to tell her that he was going to hold his own baby. She just wanted him under the heat light or against my skin for at least an hour. Yeah, not gonna keep this proud daddy away from him for that long. Not a chance. 

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