Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I know I'm playing some serious catch-up on this blog. And sadly it's right after I said I was gonna keep blogging. Ok, so here we go...

Halloween was fun this year. I traded a girl pictures for a bird costume. I was pretty sure I could sew one myself (and was actually making plans to do it), when I realized that I was so swamped with photography that I was never going to get around to it. And there is NO way I could have made it this cute. 
She did a fantastic job!

Sophie loved being a bird, and she talked about it for a whole month. 
She was pretty darn cute, if I say so myself.

 If you look closely you'll notice that Kyla has a bandaid above her eyebrow, she fell and hit her head on the corner of our bed. Poor girl, she ended up getting "liquid stitches" (or super glue in non-medical terms). Dustin took her in to get them, and said that she trashed so much on the table that the Dr. actually glued her glove to Ky's head at one point. Glue was all over in her eyebrow too, and we (2 months later) ended up pulling it out after many other attempts of getting it off. So the poor girl has no eyebrow, but you can't really tell.
The little stinkers are so hard to get pictures of together. They are just crazy and extremely mobile. Everyone says that boys are more active and hyper...but I dunno...these girls definitely hold their own. 

Trick-or-treating was fun. I'm so glad our neighborhood doesn't do a Trunk-or-treat. I'm not a fan of those. Sophie loved the whole night, and Kyla insisted on holding her bucket herself and if you tried to help her she threw a fit. 
Happy Halloween (almost two months later. haha)!

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Shanna said...

I hate trunk or treats too! They ruin the magic. Make the kids work for it!!!

Your girls are Stinking adorable!!!