Saturday, October 15, 2011


Sophie turned Three today. She was so excited about everything, it was fun. She requested cereal for breakfast. Much to my dismay. I was prepared to make something fabulous, but to no avail. I made her a princess cake (upon request) and when she saw me putting the frosting on the dress she said, "Oh my goodness!" She was thrilled.
And I will say that I was pretty pleased with my end results on the cake.

We had a family party, with both sets of Grandparents and all her cousins on my side. Which luckily, for this birthday, happen to be all girls. Perfect for a Princess Party.
I made felt crowns for each of the girls, idea stolen inspired from Pinterest. And she loved all her gifts, and actually did a fabulous job of sharing them with everyone (minus her sister).

She was so cute. My mother gave her a hug goodbye and told her happy birthday again. Sophie looked at her and said, "Is it over?" Yes dear, it is.

We went to turn her light out and she had all her dolls in bed with her lined up on her pillow. Her "Favorite Friends" as she calls them. I tried to tell her they were toys and not friends. I got told.

Happy Birthday Sophia! We love you!!!


Carolanne said...

Sophie is darling! I'm loving her doll line up. My son has "best friend" toys too, but they are usually my kitchen utensils or tape rolls. Not nearly as cuddly or photogenic.

Way to go on the cake. It looks awesome. I'm laughing about the sparklers coming out of her dress, but really, where else could you put them? Still, I'm thinking a prom dress with hidden rocket launchers is a pretty good idea. :)

Whitney Harris said...

What a perfect princess party! Lydia would be so jealous. Love the cake, great job. Glad she had a great day!

tiana said...

The cake turned out so cute! I cant believe she is already 3. When I saw the title I thought you were announcing a third child. Ha