Thursday, May 7, 2009


Bedtime: 8:00 pm
Wake up crying: 12:00 am
Fall back asleep: 12:15 am
Wake up crying: 3:00 am
Fall back asleep: 3:10 am
Wake up crying: 4:30 am
Fall back asleep: 4:50 am
Wake up crying: 7:00 am

Sophie has been doing this for the last 3 nights. I am a zombie. Even if I don't get up, it still kills me. My head hurts, my eye is twitching(which always makes me laugh for some reason). When I finally fall asleep for a nap she wakes up from hers.
This morning I found the culprit. Until now it was just a bunch of "maybe's":
1. she recently has decided to roll over every time I lay her down. So maybe it was that she doesn't like being on her stomach. maybe.
Or 2. she could be teething. maybe.
Or 3. she is sick, and her stuffed nose is preventing her from getting a good nights rest. maybe.
Don't you love the "maybe" of being a mom. Since you really don't know what is going on in that little persons body or head everything is a maybe.
But when I stuck my finger in her mouth this morning I found it. a tooth. It already broke through, which would explain the nights of pain. I guess I thought it would take longer.
I was so happy to see it though! I might, just maybe, know what is going on now!


Pat & Ash said...

Good luck with that, but I definitely know what you mean how nice it is to finally know what is wrong with her!!! She has the siddoway genes, teething early.. haha I hope Pres gets those genes from the sullengers!

David and Jaclyn said...

Well maybe some infant tylenol or orajel will help some tonight to get you good sleep :) Reese is sick with a cold... so sad! I wish baby's had ticker tape telling us what is up that would come out of their ears or something when they cried . HAHA!

Watts Family said...

We feel your pain these last couple of nights! Lily is going through a growth spurt and wants to eat all the time!! Miss you guys :o)

Summer and Mike said...

I know what would really help. A babysitter. Bring her over! Paxton would love a friend. How about tomorrow around 3pm?

Marcie said...

Don't you love the guessing game of trying to figure out why your child isn't sleeping through the night? I think as soon as you figure it out they stay sleeping through the night again. Good luck.

Carolanne said...

Teething is so hard, especially when your normally happy kid turns into an unsatisfiable grump! But I'm glad you found the problem.

Josh and Cambree said...

If you haven't found it already, I highly recommend Oragel for babies (by the other baby-meds). Nate's first teeth came in at 6 months...he's almost a year now and has 6 teeth. So much fun...