Monday, May 4, 2009

Another Wedding

I photographed another wedding this last weekend. I was more nervous for this one, because I was only photographing the wedding, I didn't really know their personalities very well. It just made me nervous!
I got to the Temple in plenty of time, and there were FOUR weddings all pretty much at the same time. Yikes.
Since I just started my "business" I don't really have tons of equipment, or a crew or anything. I pretty much looked like a friend with a nice camera waiting for her friend to come out of the building. My confidence would have been shot, except for some great advice that a photographer gave me once. He said, "it's not the camera, but the photographer that makes the shot." True (to a point, a point and shoot can't do what an SLR can).
I plan on getting more equipment as I get more jobs. It was good fun, and the Hill's were a fun couple. Check out a few of the wedding shots HERE


David and Jaclyn said...

You did a great job Alisha! Love you!

Tina said...

You are so talented! I'm glad that your talent can benefit others, and help bring in a little dough!

Curtis and Jennie said...

That's awesome that you had another wedding. Your pics look good!!

Brittany said...

That pic is great! I'm sure you'll have lots more weddings booked in the next little while, you've got lots of talent!