Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Government Run Post Office

I sent my camera to Canon. I paid to have it tracked. A few days later I decided to see if my camera had made it to it's destination. The message I got was this, "Undeliverable as addressed. Package being sent back if appropriate information is available."

I was disgruntled that it hadn't made it, but didn't think that it was the Post Offices fault. Maybe I gave the wrong address, or maybe Canon gave me the wrong address. A number of things could have happened. So I waited for it to come back to me so I could investigate the problem. A week later, nothing came. I'm still waiting.

I was about to call and find out where my camera was, but I got a letter in the mail from Canon. They told me that they have fixed my camera and I should have it in 7 days. What? I mean, that's great news! I was just so confused. I had paid to have delivery confirmation and USPS was telling me that they couldn't deliver it?

That's the Government for you....

I called in this morning to ask if they knew where it was, just to see what they would tell me. They said it was being held for 14 days, but I should have my package back by the 7th of March. I will be interested to call back after the 7th and ask what on earth happened to my package. I also insured it. So if they can't find it then they will owe me the amount that I insure it for? I wouldn't do that, because I know where my camera is, but they have no idea. Talk about accountability. Oh, but nothing will happen, no questions will even be asked, because all workers are protected by Unions.

And this country wants government run banks and health care? Can you imagine?

"Where is my money that I deposited a week ago?"

Banker: "We aren't sure, it says here that it was undepositable as entered. But I'm sure that it'll come back to you in 15 days."

"Doctor, where is my prescription that you said you'd call in for my life threatening disease?"

Doctor: "We aren't sure, our files indicate that it was un-call-in-able. Call back in 15 days to see if it's gone through yet."

I tell you what, it all may sound great to have free medical care. But I have a proposition for you.... go to any country that has socialized medicine, (oh, I know that's not what we are going to do here. It's called something else, but in reality it's the same thing) try to get some health problem taken care of. Come back and let me know how you liked it. They'll probably tell you that they have to get the governments permission before giving you any drugs to fix the problem you are having.

Maybe it's because I've seen it first hand (and even lived it somewhat) and it's not great. In fact, it's not good.

Have you ever noticed that if people need serious medical attention they come to the United States!? Well they do, from Canada, England, France, Russia. You name it, they come here. But we are going to do what they are all doing. Fabulous. I can hardly wait.
Sorry for the venting. It just makes me mad.


Anonymous said...

You are right on. The problem that our country has at this time is that too many people want something for nothing. What we are going to get is nothing for everything, including our freedom. But don't worry, "The Government will take care of you." Boy, will they ever. GMB

McKendricks said...

Hey Alisha,
I knew you updated your blog but I don't know why whenever I clicked your blog address it would take me there. But I think I fixed it. How is Sophie? Are you enjoying not going to school/staying home with her? Isn't Dustin graduating this semester? Are you guys staying here? We are excited to be closer to home! Hope all is well!

The Roylances said...

I am right there with you on all of your ventings. We have so much to look forward to in the future of this country... Im glad to hear you are going to get your camera back. Major relief

Carri Collins Weaver said...

Whoa, way to go Alisha! I wasn't expecting your blog to be so political and heated, but I loved it!

Whitney Harris said...

You Go Girl. I loved your post so much that I then read it outloud to Chris. Chris always wanted to be a doctor but decided not to because of the fear of socialized medicine. That is crazy about your camera, sometimes don't you just wish you didn't have to be honest and take their dirty money for doing such a crapy job anyway. geez Question, do you have any idea if there is somewhere you can buy gumdrop pacifiers other than online? p.s. we would love to see you and uncle greg go at it about this whole matter. we got your back.