Friday, July 25, 2008

Wightman luck

Jodi, my mother-in-law, is a Wightman. Wightman's apparantly have really bad luck, all the time. Everytime something goes wrong the blame is put on the "Wightman luck." Dustin is always told that he resembles the Wightman side of the family, and so he also has inherited the famous luck.
Despite his bad luck we still try to do things. like go camping. So here is a brief overview of how the trip went....

Shortly after setting camp set up the rainstorm of the year came and flooded us out. We stayed safe and dry for a long time underneath the canopy, but soon the sheets of rain were coming through our protection and the lightning was getting really close, so we took cover in our cars. I think it rained for a good hour or more, it was pretty crazy!

The storm let up and we found the canopy was completely down, and everything was soaked. Good thing we didn't stay there for safety!

The next day seemed promising, it was nice and hot to start out. So we took the boat out to the lake, only to find out that it wouldn't start.

We went back to camp and it started raining again, so we went inside Ma and Pa's leaking tent and played cards. Luckily this rainstorm was nothing like the first one!While we played cards the boat was fixed, but it was raining, and getting too late to get out on the water.
Day three, we packed up camp. We were feeling optimistic since the boat was working and there were no clouds in sight. We took off to a smaller lake, where we were the only boat for hours. (This is where the Wightman luck changed for us) We got sunburned and got to play in the water all day long. It was great!
The camping trip as a whole, was fun and funny. I didn't mind getting rained on, it made for good memories!


Stephanie and Co. said...

Fun times! I am so excited to see you soon!

Jessi said...

it looks like you had so much fun! Atleast after your luck changed. I must say the way you portray all of this is hilarious! But I am glad you at least had one day of fun in the sun! Some of those pictures on the boat, raft and wake boarding are insane! Hope that your sunburns aren't too bad and that all is well! Stay healthy for your baby! Miss you like crazy!

Just one of the Boys said...

I think the Wightmans and Bournes must be related because this sounds alot like most of our family outings. What a good wifey to go camping when your pregnant, I hope you had fun!

Amanda said...

As of right now I don't have anything going on on Saturday. I would love to come to your shower.
Do you know what you are having?