Monday, July 23, 2012

Kyla's cast; part 2

With Kyla not being able to do much right now I really had to get some things for her to occupy her time with. So I headed to my pinterest account and got some things put together. We had 4 weeks of the full cast, and she didn't even try to crawl until week 3, and by week 4 she had figured out a way to walk. Pretty sad, and pretty funny all at the same time.

So, among many many things that I got for us to play with, here are a few.

I glued magnets to pom-poms. The girls really like to put them on a bread pan. Go figure.

 We made a paper chain for the countdown. It really was more for me, since they didn't quite get it. But hey, I needed a visual.

Fishing. Always a winning game with my kids.

And I wrapped her baby doll's leg up in horse wrap so she had a broken leg too.
 Kyla was beyond pleased with that. 
We played with puzzles like crazy, watched a lot of movies, took turns being the doctor and patient, played barbie's, colored with sidewalk chalk, put stickers on her cast, and watched more movies. 
Bathing her was a two man job in the beginning, it was just kind of awkward. But we figured it out. We wrapped her leg in shrink wrap and held it up so the water didn't seep in. But I heard somewhere that they make "water proof" casts. I wish I'd have known that and that we could have requested it. I guess I know for the future. It ended up working out and now she has her short cast on, so the new countdown for that is on!

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Tina said...

Amazing that the simplest things that don't necessarily take a lot of time and prep are their favorite things to do. Yay for pinterest!