Monday, June 25, 2012

Tracy Aviary

Today we went to the Tracy Aviary. We went with Aunt Shae and had a great time in the 90+ degree weather. Luckily there were a few clouds that helped our trip be bearable. Poor Jack was sweating like a pig in his car seat. Anyway, enjoy the pictures of our outing.

This bird from Africa was about at tall as Kyla, and even though the park had double fences the girls were still scared of them. If you look close enough you can see that this funny looking bird has awesome eyelashes. Kinda funny.

Kyla checking out some birds...not quite sure how squatting helps...

 When did my hair get so dark? Every time I see a picture of myself I can't believe that this is my natural color. It's crazy!

Sophie's favorite birds were the owls. She thought they were pretty cool.

Thanks for coming and playing with us Aunt Shae!


charbetrichey said...

I love all the cute birds. The little ones and the big ones. :0)

Whitney Harris said...

We went there a couple years ago and had a great time as well. Chris and I came home dreaming of making our own small aviary in the backyard similar to the small ones they had....don't think that will ever happen. :)

Shanna said...

oh my gosh, cutest cutest little faces!

loving your bangs! they are hot!!! ;)

Jme said...

At least your hair is naturally darkening and not whitening, right? :) So fun!