Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kyla's 2nd Birthday

Kyla is now two. Her favorite word is "Stop" and she hold her hand up as she says it. I guess she wants to make sure that you get the point.  

She loves Elmo, Princesses, and sucking her finger. One morning Dustin told her to take it out of her mouth and she responded, "I like it!" I had to turn my head away so she wouldn't see me laughing. Little stink. 

We had a joint birthday party for her and her cousin Ellie. They were born a week apart. 

 Blowing out the candles. Kyla actually blew out all the candles on both cupcakes. And neither of the girls liked the smoke. It scared them.

The Elmo cake. I was proud of my efforts. :)

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Whitney Harris said...

The Elmo cake looks great and yummy! I like the pic of the girls scared of the smoke, that is funny. She reminds me of Dustin, a cuter one of course. :)