Sunday, April 8, 2012


I tried to help Sophie know that Easter is celebrated because of the Resurrection of Christ. She would repeat the things I told her, making me a proud mother. In the long run, though, she was all about the bunny and the candy. She'll get it though. I don't really worry that my children will not understand the true meaning of Holiday's due to over commercialization. I know that it's my and my husband's job to teach them truth, which I know we will do. So even if their is candy and a large bunny that brings eggs and treats, I'll let them get excited about that. Because I know that they'll know that Jesus Christ is their Redeemer, and He died for them, and He lives.

 I love Easter dresses. I think the girls looked fantastic in theirs this year. I let them choose their own dress at the store (a controlled choice...hold two up and let them chose between those). I held the purple one up for Kyla and she angrily shook her head and swatted it away. She's too opinionated about clothes at such a young age. Sophie gladly took the purple one, I guess it's more her style.

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