Thursday, December 15, 2011


We headed to Idaho for Thanksgiving this year. Dustin's parents were hosting the family feast at their house, so Sophie got to help. She loves to help, and I try to be patient enough to let her. She actually does pretty good, and is helpful most of the time. Her job was to fill the candy cups. I'm surprised that any of the candy actually made it into the cups, although I know she had plenty during the process.
 Kyla is obsessed with shoes, she seems a little young to me for an obsession, but it's true. She's constantly asking to put hers on. Squeals with delight if you mention putting her socks and shoes on, and loves to wear mine or anyone's that are to be found. I tried on a pair of boots in a store about a month ago and she said, "Oh, yeah!" She may or may not be getting some for Christmas this year. So she can't get into my boots, so she puts them on her arms and walks around happily.

Ashley made the vegetable turkey, it was super cute.

And of course the football game was playing before and after the meal.

 Daddy took a nap after it was all said and done. Too much turkey...

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