Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

I  was so excited for Christmas this year. I just knew that Sophie was going to have a blast. We got Santa his plate of cookies and milk to drink (although in my house growing up we always put eggnog out. Dustin thinks that's weird, so we stick with milk. Whatever.ha)
Well Santa didn't disappoint. But my dreams of squeals and priceless expressions were dashed. My kids got sick a few days before the big morning. And by the time Christmas rolled around they were still on the recovery. Sophie hadn't eaten anything for a few days. So when we coaxed her to open more gifts we were met with crying and tantrums about how she just wanted to eat breakfast. We were more than shocked, this was not how it was supposed to happen. Kids are supposed to forget all about food when there are gifts to be opened...right?
Well we had some breakfast and things went much better and happier after their bellies were full.

 This cracks me up. Sophie has this thing for lining things up in rows. Books, movies, toys, and now Christmas gifts can be added to the list. I find rows of things all the time.

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