Friday, September 16, 2011

Clown hair

This has been a huge debate of mine. Get rid of the blog or continue it. I didn't hardly blog this summer cause I was/am so busy with my photography. But just the other day I had a realization that loved ones near and far don't get to see the funny things that my kids do or say. And I want them to see how darling and adorable my kids are. So I am going to attempt blogging again.
So here we go again. Nothing fancy, just a blog for people who care. :) 

No this isn't another post about my big hair, everyone who knows me already knows I have it. So I'm in love with sponge curlers on Sophie's hair. And when we take them out she has clown hair (Halloween costume?!).

But I love her hair when it's all said and done. So cute (love that fake smile that she gives me now)!

And then when I'm finished I turn around and Kyla is carrying around the toilet plunger. oh, boy does that girl know how to get into mischief!


Jessi said...

hooray!!! I am soooo glad you are blogging again!! don't ever delete it! just take a break if you need one, you might regreat deleting later. Her hair is sooooooo funny! I can't believe how big they are getting, and that I still have yet to meet them!

Lizzie said...

Sponge curlers are awesome, and holy cow does her hair take curl! So cute. I love it!

Tina said...

I am so glad you have chosen to keep the blog. You are one busy lady, so just get to it when you have a second. Those girls are adorable, and from the look of things, they keep you on your toes!

Andrea said...

Alisha, I hope you don't mind but I found your photo blog and from there took me to there and there and then here (btw- AMAZING talented). Hope not too creepy. I just wanted to say that I had my twins be clowns last year and my mom made DARLING clown suits and if you wanted to borrow one for your little girl you could. They are made with halloween prints so they could go boy or girl. Just a thought with that super cute curly hair.

Marcie said...

I've had the same struggle with blogging as well. I'm really glad you deside to post again though, your girls are SO cute and I love her hair-do.

charbetrichey said...

How cute are those kids? REALLY cute. Maybe Kyla will grow up to be a plumber. lol
I love to read your blog whenever you can post.

Jennie Simmons said...

It's hard to find to find time to blog and I don't have a business to run! You girls are so darling. I am glad we live close!

Carolanne said...

It's a good thing you're a photographer, because you have some seriously photogenic kiddos. The toilet plunger is a coveted item at our house too. I think the more you don't want them to play with it, the more prized a possession it becomes.

And I'm glad you're still blogging. :)

Whitney Harris said...

Love the curls! Lydia likes to wear those as well, I don't put them in as often as I should.
Seeing Kyla with the plunger reminded me of the only time my kids had found the plunger and it was when I caught James beating Lydia with it while she was going to the potty. Sick! They both took baths after that.
It was fun to see the girls a few weeks ago, wish you could have made it.