Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dustin started work!

Some firsts. Dustin started his job on the 4th. He was gone for the first two weeks. He was in San Fransisco the first week and Georgia the second. We really missed him. He has been home for the last few months (studying for the CPA exam, but home non-the-less). So having him gone was a little bit of an adjustment for us.
It's been good though, and it had to be done. The girls got used to things pretty quick, but I feel like I hit a learning curve or something. Like going to the store with two kids, it's a major event... or even just getting out of the house with two kids! It can be hectic!
I've had to adjust things to make the day go a little smoother, little things like, they now bathe together, and Sophie climbs into her car seat all by herself. You know, silly little things, but they help!
All in all, it really hasn't been bad. I love being home with them and Dustin is really liking his job, and he's doing well at it also!
Here are the girls in their first bath together. Sophie still has issues sharing her toys, but she's doing pretty good.
Kyla is growing up way too fast. She's feeding herself her first teething cracker. She has two teeth now and the most stunned face you'll ever see in photos...haha.


Tina said...

Sorry your kids are sick! Two kids with no Dustin is a huge adjustment! I'm sure Sophie has to be a little bit more independent. You will get the hang in no time (I'm starting to, although my kids are a little older).

Jennie Simmons said...

It was fun for Curtis to get to see Dustin while he was in San Francisco. Apparently they enjoyed some expensive lobster together.(they can't complain about girls spending money!). I can only imagine that having 2 kids to get out the door can be tough...we are in for a change of our normalcy with the new baby coming!