Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm a little behind on posting. We went camping in August with my family up in Tony's Grove. Going camping has becomes a tradition every fall. We usually don't plan very well and after driving up the canyon and being frustrating that we can't find a camp site we end up right off the road in the last spot open. So we planned ahead, my sister got us a campsite and we were up in the mountains.
A few highlights from the trip:
The lake that was close by.
The pretty flowers.

Sophie exploring in the forest.

My cute nieces.

My sweet baby.

The "bear" that woke us up in the middle of the night growling....ok it was my dad, but we thought it was a bear. haha (no photo, sorry.)

My sister trying to break the dog bone in half with an ax.

And my mom attempting to snap it in half with her strong thumb muscles. (She has the STRONGEST thumb muscles you'll ever see. Ask her doctor. haha)

And of course we cannot forget our little Sophie's exciting adventure....
She climbed, and ran, and explored and fell down. Ate dirt, bled, got a fat lip, and spilled her hot chocolate all over her shirt. Maybe I'll just show you....
Poor girl. She had a rough morning. But at least life is NEVER boring with her around! :)

ps. I totally got the hot chocolate out of her shirt...thank you oxyclean!


Amateur Steph said...

Cute pics! I really like the last one of Sophie. It really says it all.
I also love that one of Ellie, but I had to ask myself if it really was her. She just looks different.
That was fun, we'll have to do it again!

Scott and Nicole said...

Oh my heck! That photo of Sophie is hilarious...just how it should be, messy and lovin' it! What cute kids you have.

Anonymous said...

Fun times! Bye the way, your Mom's thumb muscles are strong, but so are all the rest. She used to open pickle jars when she was two years old (at least that's what I tell her). :0) Poor little Sophie. Her lip looked sore.
Loves you guys. G-ma

Tina said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Your nieces look so grown up with their hair cuts! I wouldn't have recognized them had the picture not been labeled. Gotta love camping with kids. The picture of Sophie totally sums it up!

Whitney Harris said...

I can relate to the "bear" sound. I sure hope Chris doesn't end up snoring.
Poor Sophie, I feel guilty that I had to laugh at her hair in that picture. Even though, I do feel bad that she hurt herself.