Friday, August 6, 2010

Everything and more...

Alisha (our blogger mamma) is always selflessly blogging about others in her life, never mentioning herself. Since today was a blog worthy day, and Alisha is out at a photo shoot, I thought I would try to beat her to the post. :)
Today I walked off of Utah State's campus for the last time as a student, having finished my last class of my graduate degree. Though the diploma may have my name on it, the real degree goes to my beautiful wife Alisha. She has worked and sacrificed 100 times more than I. My part was easy up to class once in a while....pretend to listen to the professor....and then draw nice little pictures on the bubble sheet whenever it was test time.

On the other hand, Alisha did everything and more. Alisha has earned this graduate degree by:
  • Taking care of three children (two daughters under the age of two, and one 25 year old man child).
  • Running the household perfectly...keeping things clean and orderly and keeping our stomachs full with awesome home-cooked meals.
  • Continually proof-reading my papers, preparing and printing my presentation notes, and helping me study for exams.
  • Helped to provide by transforming a start-up photography business into a professional operation which competes with anyone in the state.
  • Did I mention the two children under two???? Not easy....(especially when dad's not able to be home very much).
  • And the most important...she did it all with a loving smile on her face. There were never complaints about the lack of money, or the small apartment, or a husband always gone. Alisha is a great example of selfless service. No wonder her daughters love her so much.
So congratulations to Alisha, the love of my life. And thank you for working so hard for the graduate degree! I love you Lishka!


Anonymous said...

We love Alisha also. And, we love you and your little girls. Congratulations to all of you for surviving. We are proud of you!
G-ma & G-pa R

Amateur Steph said...

Alisha is pretty amazing.
Hooray for you too!

Tina said...

I'm sure it feels great for both of you to be DONE! Now on to bigger adventures! Good luck!

Trevor and Rebecca said...

Ohh Dustin, what a sweet husband! Congrats! And same with you Alisha.. yes!! he's done! Isn't that the best feeling!!

Natalie said...

Way to go Alisha! You're the woman!!

Curtis and Jennie said...

What a great post! You have a great wife and it sounds like you know it! Congrats on graduating to you both!

Carolanne said...

You have a beautiful family. My little guy is a climber too. It's amazing to see the things they can get on top of that you were sure were out of reach. As for Toy Story 3, I've been wanting to take Will to the theater, but I wasn't sure if he would sit still through a whole movie, but if Sophie did so well, I might have to try it.

Whitney Harris said...

Ah, so sweet Dustin!