Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get to work

Alright, I hate when people do this kind of thing and here I am doing it...yikes.

Dustin and I have decided that for the rest of the year we are going to try to go full time with my photography. He'll run the business aspect of things and I'll do the photos and editing. Makes sense, since it's more lucrative than his job right now...well, more lucrative if we can get the jobs. Dustin has not quit his job (we only take safe risks), and he only will if we can book enough jobs to really do this. We started Facebook campaigns and we are doing a giveaway, I am going to be in a bridal show in September, and we are trying everything to book more sessions. No, I am not asking you to book a session with me. (but you sure can if you like my work :) I am asking you to please help me out by telling people about me. If you know anyone that needs a photographer, throw my name out. If a friend or relative is engaged, or soon to be please throw my name out. And tell these engaged people that I am giving away an engagement session (two actually) for free on my blog.

So come enter if you are engaged or tell them to come enter, and I guess you could even enter for someone that you know that will be getting married.

Thanks so much!!!

Oh hey, and if someone you refer to me actually books with me (have them tell me) then I'll give you a reward! (Cause it's awful nice of you to tell people about me) I will give you a free copyright if you book a session with me ($50 value). Or I'll take you out for ice cream if you prefer. So go, spread the word. I would greatly appreciate it, even if it's just a link to my photo blog or website,, on your blog.


Liz said...

Hey, you should make a Button. I'll put it on my blog. :) Not that ALL that many people read it, but its something, right? Anyway, I think you are amazing.

Karla said...

Good luck with the full time gig. I've put your name out there before and I'll do it again. Take care.

Jessica said...

sweet! i know you will do awesome! your currently in utah right? jessi anderson

Curtis and Jennie said...

You are one busy woman or hoping to be :) I will put a link to your website on my blog. Good luck!