Saturday, May 1, 2010


Dustin has been really busy with finals and getting ready for finals. I feel bad that he always has to go to campus to study, cause he can't get anything done at home between me and Sophie demanding his attention. :)My sister and her family were on their way to Rexburg last weekend for a wedding reception, so Sophie and I hitched a ride. We usually travel long distances at night (or nap-time) just because Sophie hates being the car. But this time it wasn't during one of those wonderful sleeping times. Poor thing. Thank goodness for Stephanie and the suckers she brought along! :)

We played hard for the few days we were there. Chasing the dog, wandering around the yard, going to nursery with Grandma, chasing the dog. (I'm bad at remembering to take pictures, so this is pretty much all we got)We played with cousin Preslee for a day too. I loved watching the two of them together, they are almost the same age (2 months apart), but they are so different (and cute)! Sophie, Preslee and Grandma. The girls loved that statue!

Cousin Preslee

Playing with sticks.

We had a fun weekend hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa. Izzy-the dog-was by far the greatest highlight of Sophie's weekend (she loves Grandma and Grandpa too...but dogs beat all right now). Thanks for letting us come and play!! And thanks to my sister and her family for letting us bum a ride!


Whitney Harris said...

Looks like you had fun in Idaho as well. Let me know when you move, Chris is doing his externship up there and I thought I may go with him some days and hangout with friends and fam. It would be fun to get together with Laura and let the kids play.

Curtis and Jennie said...

It's nice sometimes to get away - even to the in-laws :) Sophie is so darn cute! I am excited for you to have another!!

Carolanne said...

You have so much energy! I told my husband a month ago that I wasn't taking any car trips that were longer than half an hour until the baby gets here. Way to go!

Cody & Brittany Hawkes said...

HEY! hope you're doing great :) can't believe that baby #2 is going to be here pretty soon....I've gotten really really behind on my blogging and now that I'm done with school I need to catch up. I've had fun looking at your posts tho, you always do a great job and I love stalking you and your lil family :) hehe I can't believe that so many of our friends are having their second round of kids already..Matt hartvigsen and emily are due sometime this week with their first...exciting! well we sure miss you guys and hope all is well in Logan! :) I do have one questions for ya...what's the name of the company you order your photo prints from? My sister is getting married soon and she asked me if I knew of a place to order a bunch of prints for their engagement pics..I told her we did ours at Sam's Club, but then I remember you saying you had a place that did a good job. Not sure if it would be worth it ordering a large amount from them, but my sis and her fiance are on a tight budget so I thought I'd ask. Thanks so much! or if you know of any other places that would be good. Take care and hope everything goes ok with your last month or so before the baby comes :) ttyl


Cody & Brittany Hawkes said...

Thanks so much Alisha! We are doing great..glad to hear your doing well also- I'm so happy for you guys and the new baby :) My sister is actually getting married in June and I knew you were due around that time as well, but I tried to get her to talk to you about doing her engagements and bridals. I guess she has a roommate who also has a photography business in Salt Lake and was doing her pics for free as a wedding gift. I will definitely tell her about ordering her invitations from you though if her friend doesn't do them for her. I love you photography tho and when we get ready to have a baby, you'll be the first to know for pics down the road haha..right now we don't really have anything exciting to take nice photos for, but I've loved following your blog and website. I've also had so much fun learning more about photography too and I just got photoshop last semester which has been awesome! I love it! I'm slowly learning and I took a couple classes before I graduated, but right now it's just a hobby that I love doing. Anyways- do you guys have any names picked out for your newest addition? Take care and keep us updated :) miss you guys