Wednesday, February 24, 2010


She has hair! Well, kind of. I was so excited to put two pigtails in her hair this morning. I know they aren't much, but it's a lot for Sophie. haha. (oh, and please ignore the uneven part, I am still working on how to keep her sitting still...any advice?)
p.s. we put up a poll of what gender you think our next baby will be...


Carolanne said...

I love the piggy-stubs. :) I put a mirror in front of Will the last time I cut his hair, and it made all the difference. He actually sat still even though he hates the clippers. It might be worth a shot!

Liz said...

So fun! It feels just like yesterday that I was getting excited that I could put Sarah's hair into pigtails.

Tricks to getting her to sit still:
-Put on a show
-Let her go through your jewelry box
-Give her a dum-dum... it works...
-Let her look through books
-While she is eating breakfast (or lunch in my case most days)

Honestly I think watching a show works best, but you'll learn how to do a part while they are moving their head all about.

So CUTE!!!

Whitney Harris said...

Too cute. Well if it makes you feel better Lydia always had a lot of hair but wouldn't ever let me put anything in it. No bows or headbands. She would pull everything out so at least Sophie kept them in. As for having them sit still I have found the best place is while she is eating in her highchair. Thanks for the email too.

Amanda said...

Super cute hair!
Don't stress about the part, it won't be straight until they are 5 haha. As for getting her to sit still, I usually have Rori sit on the counter with her feet in the sink with me behind her (if that makes sense) and give her a toothbrush (her favorite bathroom toy) and let her look at herself in the mirror or play with the toothbrush.
Hope that helps!

Ann Marie said...

So cute! Next thing you know you'll be making millions of little hair bows.

Watts Family said...

That is hilarious! She is a doll, she doesn't need lucious locks yet. Hey, how did the wedding go last weekend? We need to get together again :o)