Friday, February 5, 2010

Eating games

Meals and snacks have become quite interesting at our house lately. My little miss has decided that she is a big girl, and that means no one can help her eat. at all. You can't even hand her the food. It needs to be placed in front of her (all of it, not just a piece). If she is handed anything, even a snack she shakes her head and says, "no." So snacks, like pretzels and crackers and such must be put in a baggie for her to carry around and pick out herself. Who is this girl?!?!
Chicken nuggets won't be touched unless she can 'dip' them in sauce. Same goes for pretty much any finger food. I was pretty sure that this kind of thing didn't happen until 8 months later! She makes me laugh, cause she is so particular about things.
Today I watched her carry her pretzels from the kitchen to the living room one at a time, where they were placed in a row and then taken back to the kitchen one at a time. I'd love to know what she thinks she's accomplished.
She also announces when someone has finished their food by yelling "gone!" repeatedly while looking at them trying to get their attention. Maybe she thinks she's the only one that noticed and she better help out. I dunno, but she's pretty funny!


Katie said...

Okay, I think our kids are twins! Raleigh is really into "dipping" and not being helped with utensils, etc. Kids these days! They grow up so dang fast!

Whitney Harris said...

Lydia loves to dip as well but the problem is she just likes to lick off the sauce. I can only stand to watch it a couple times and then I have to take the food away cause it totally grosses me out. Lydia as always liked to carry the food around also, have you seen those little cups with a rubber top so they can reach there fingers in and get food but the food can't fall out. It's a must have especially at church and in the car. You can find it at walmart. Tell Dustin I passed another stone a couple days ago, curse the Wightman's! See you Sunday?

Dawna & Justin said...

Alisha, that is awesome! What a cute little personality Sophie has, I just love it! I love hearing your updates. Take care!

Brittany said...

Wow, so organized in her eating habits! Congrats on the baby too! You will love having 2, even if it means working 3 times as hard! :)

Curtis and Jennie said...

Sophie is hilarious! She is pretty particular for her age but it's so cute. It's fun to see what your little people are going to be like isn't it!?!