Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Apple

Last night we had a unexpected visitor come knocking on our door. With a gift bag in his hands, Jerry, one of our neighbors gave Sophie a "Happy Apple." He told us that these aren't made anymore, and one found in mint condition is valued at about $50.00 (ours in not in mint condition, visible in the picture posted, but still a very nice and thoughtful gift). Jerry doesn't have any family, so he said that he likes to remember other peoples birthday's and give gifts now and again.
It was very kind of him, and now Sophie is a proud owner of a vintage "Happy Apple" toy.


Carolanne said...

I remember those apples! What a nice present, and what a nice neighbor to remember her birthday.

Cody & Brittany Hawkes said...

FUN! My grandma has a bunch of these apples at her house, but I had no idea that they don't make them anymore...maybe i'll have to ask her for one :) Also- I am so glad you wrote me back about the camera! YOU ARE SOOO NICE! I can't believe you would sell me yours. I told Cody about it and we've seriously been looking for a good 6 months (before my other camera died) and he told me that whenever you're ready to upgrade yours we could probably buy the one you have now. We were thinking about getting one around christmas or as a graduation present for me when I'm done in april. If you and dustin decide to get a new one around that time (within the next couple months or after january...we would totally take you up on buying yours then) I don't think we could do it before january, since we're in denver until the semester is over and we want to make sure we're all settled after the holidays and our move, but I would love to buy that camera from you! Let me know what you guys decide (it doesn't have to be anytime soon) and the next time we're in UT we'll have to hang out and see you three :) I am dying to see how big sophie has gotten..she's adorable. K well have a great week and we'll see ya soon! take care


Ann Marie said...

Seriously...$50...I wonder if my Grandma still has those? Then again knowing her grandkids they aren't in mint condition.

Whitney Harris said...

wow he is like st. nick himself. What a nice guy.