Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Zoo Park Thing

We went to the Zoo Park last week with Avery (Dustin's cousin) and her little family. We had a lot of fun. First we had some fried chicken and potato salad (doesn't get any better than that), and then we headed off to see the animals. I would post pictures of the animals that we took, but I think you all know what monkey's and ducks look like... at least I hope you do!

Avery, Avah and Wes checking out some monkey's.

Ok, so I posted one animal, even though I am pretty sure you all know what it looks like, but I thought the Bald Eagle was pretty cool. It's a pretty cool shot by my fabulous husband, Dustin.

Avah and Sophie loved the pheasants, they were very bright.

Then we went to the swings, which ended up being the highlight for Sophie (other than dinner).
I thought these last two pictures were sweet. Dad's pushing their little girls on the swings. awh!

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Anonymous said...

I love Willow Park. We used to go there when Beverley and Alan lived in Logan. GMB