Wednesday, July 22, 2009

9 months

Sophie is 9 months now. She's healthy and not a chubby as I thought. She weighs 19.6 lbs (63%), her head is 17.5 inches (hasn't grown at all in the last 3 months, putting her also in the 63rd percentile.) and she is 29 inches tall (93%).
She lives for food. If anyone attempts to eat something in front of her without sharing, then life is over. She eats EVERYTHING. We gave her a tiny piece of a pickle to see what she would do. She didn't even pull a face, she ate it and smacked her lips. She got her dad's taste buds, cause he likes everything too.
She has recently given up the worm crawl (which looked like the dance move called "the worm"), and has moved on to real crawling. I'm glad, cause now her clothes will be cleaner in the belly area, and she will learn how to read and she won't be a criminal... or something like that.
She pulls up on everything, and has started to babble a ton. She says her m's, b's, d's, and y's. She's so much fun, and so curious!


Tyler, Katie and Kendalynn said...

Oh my gosh you have no idea how lucky you are! Kendalynn is the world's pickiest eater in the world and never seems to grow. Hopefully my next one will be like Sophie and eat much better!

Shanna said...

she's so dang precious!

Carolanne said...

What a cutie! She has beautiful eyes!

Watts Family said...

Can't wait to see her in person! Let's get together sooner than later.