Friday, March 27, 2009

Food Storage

These days I don't have too many obligations that arise, so I stay at home most of the time. And I love it. Well I made plans with a friend to go the cannery and can potatoes (I know, sounds weird, right?). The night before we went I had a hard time sleeping. You know those dreams that you missed your alarm and you aren't ready when they come to get you. I hate those. Then I would wake up every few hours just to check the clock. I hate that also.

Well, truth be known... I had never even seen a cannery building in my entire life. Pathetic, I know.
The reason that I decided to go was because I have been feeling the weight of the Prophets council to have food storage on my shoulders. At least 30 days is the council for students.
I guess I kind of always looked at the food we bought as being food storage, since we bought about a month or two at a time. And that is about all the room we have in our little apartment. But the more I thought about it, I decided that it wasn't going to cut it. I needed something that was going to be there even after we'd eaten through our grocery supply. I'm talking REAL emergency stuff.

So I went and canned. It was a long morning, especially after my sleepless-dream filled night. But I had a good time. I was amazed at all the things that you could get at the cannery. I was feeling self-reliant, I canned my own potatoes! (now what I will do with canned potatoes is still a mystery. If you have any fabulous ideas then let me know. Potato salad was a good one I heard of.)

On top of those lovely potatoes (at least they weren't pickled potatoes, yuck.) I got some powdered milk, rice, potato flakes (it was a potato day), and dried apples. I feel like I almost have enough for a month. I think. We may be eating potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but hey- we have food!
I guess I'm so proud of myself that I thought I'd let you all know about it!


Chelsea Nicole said...

That's awesome!! I've been wanting to go do this for awhile! I've never been to a canery etiher so go us. I was wondering though... does it cost a fortune to do? Let me know but way to follow the prophet

Curtis and Jennie said...

I totally need to start a food storage too! That is great you are starting!

Ann Marie said...

Way to go! I also live in mortal fear of going to the cannery for the very simple fact that I woud have no idea where to start and I'm afraid that I'll go on the day that they do the 1lb can of minced onion day and come out of it with 10 lbs of minced onion that I would never ever end up using. I am impressed!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! I went to the cannery and did potatoes years ago. I fried them with onions when we went camping. The problem with wet canning is that it doesn't store as long a dry canning. But in Washington, we don't have a choice. :-) Tell Ann Marie that having dried onions in storage is a good thing, but only if you want to add flavor. I think the one thing that we enjoyed the most from the cannery was the salsa. Hugs, GMB