Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sophie had her four month visit to the doctor today. I was dreading it, since the last time she went to the doctor she screamed the whole time. And after getting shots she cried for two days afterward. Not to mention that it made me sad for her.
This visit was completely different though, she smiled at the nurses and enjoyed looking around the room we were in. I had also drugged her up on tylenol before we went, hoping that it would help. The nurses came in, commented on how happy she was, and then ended her happiness with shots. When her face turned bright red the nurse said, "she's not so happy anymore!"
To my amazement she stopped crying after I picked her up. She did such a good job! She's been a really good baby all day long...weird.
As for percentiles, (since life revolves around them when you have a baby), she is in the 59th for height, 56th for weight, and 39th for her head size. She's shrinking, she used to be in the 95th for height.


The Roylances said...

Isnt tylenol the greatest!! So glad things went better for you guys this time around. I hope everything goes well for you guys this weekend. Have a fun time at your brothers wedding.

Anonymous said...

As you get older, you do shrink (so I'm told). :-) GMB