Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hi this is Dustin. If you're like me, life seems happier and easier when ignoring the news and events happening nationally. Its depressing to follow whats going on. But I really believe that we are living through historic times, and that we are seeing larger changes in this country than we have ever seen before. As much as I would like to ignore the negative, depressing stories in the news, I truly believe it is our civic and moral duty to be informed as much as possible. When the public isn't informed, this is when corrupt and immoral leaders are voted into office. Voters don't really know who and what they are really voting for. Congress and the President just spent nearly 1 trillion dollars in a recent "stimulus" bill just passed. I thought this article and video were interesting:

List of Pork

This bill has already passed, but don't worry...there is more coming. Obama has just announced the next part of his plan and he wants to spend $75 Billion more. You decided if its worth printing money and going farther into debt. Read about it. Study it. Voice your opinion. Here's a good place to start reading about Obama's new plan:

Obama's New Plan

And here's one news correspondents reaction:

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