Monday, May 12, 2008

Well here I am at 4 months pregnant! It seems like I just kind of popped out the last few days (and it helps taking the picture in the evening, when my muscles are all relaxed and then it sticks out a little more). I am so excited to have a baby! I watch all the cute babies at church and I can hardly wait to have my own! Dustin has been so good to me, he always does little things for me, like he'll get out of the truck to get the mail even though I'm closer. He always makes sure that I am as comfortable as I can be, he rubs my back whenever I ask him (and even when I don't ask him) and he is even sweet enough to always clean the bathroom (we usually switch off, but the chemicals really get to me now.) I have the best husband! I love him!
Other exciting news: My sister-in-law just announced yesterday that she is having a baby in December, two months after we are and I am very excited! Our kids will have someone to play with at family parties! Exciting times!


Jessi said...

Alisha!! Your pregnant! I am so glad that you looks us up! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Do you know if its a boy or a girl yet? I will have to looks through your other posts... whats the due date? Have you thought of names? AHHH! THIS IS SOO COOL! aww I am just so happy for you!

DJ is done with classes at BYUI and got a job out here in Virginia Beach. We don't plan on coming back to Rexburg. Its good for us here. We will probably be here for atleast 3 years and then see where his group goes. He works for Mortenson construction. He has been assigned to a special group called the federal contrating group. Basically they build things for the government. There are 3 Naval bases here, and the group is contarcted though 2011. So here we are. If you feel like coming out east, its BEAUTIFUL!! and you laways have a place to stay. The beach is ten minutes from our house and there are TONS of things to do here. Its basically a vacation beach town, especially right by the beach. We live a little further inland. Its is MUCH bigger than rexburg so we have a lot more resourses too. Okay I had better stop. Things are great and awe are happy here. We would love for you to come and visit! wink wink. Tell dustin hello! So glad you looks us up and again a million congratulations to the both of you!! (sorry we never got together before we left) Love ya! and miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Yahoo, a new post. You go girl. I ususally check your blog a couple of times a week, not expecting anything new. What a surprise this time. You did a great job in the picture poking out your tummy. Cute picture even so. If you develope a permanent problem with chemicals, Dustin could clean the bathroom for years. :-) Just a thought.
Love you guys, Grandma Bette

David and Jaclyn Chadburn said...

What a cute little belly. I wish I had one of those...just kidding :) You are so adorable. Keep posting pictures of your growing baby so I can see how cute you look without actually moving to Idaho.

Love you!!

teestar990 said...

You are looking great Alisha! Kids are so fun, lots of work, but definitely worth it!

Katie said...

tooooo cute. i hope i am half as cute as you are when i am pregnant!! i am so happy for you... we should talk soon... maybe i'll call you right now. :)